Different architectural styles

Visit the places of Templars

The tour takes you through medieval paths dotted with ancient mills and cozy houses on the river, transporting you to a magical landscape where reality and imagination seem to co-exist.



The lookout point for a border territory


A village in the Mincio Natural Park

Discover the beauty of Middle Age

Exploring not only the important historical buildings, but also the myths and legends that span centuries, allows you to experience a place where the present and the past combine effortlessly.

Visconteo Bridge

Visconteo Bridge

The most impressive dam-bridge from the Middle Ages

Visit Borghetto

Where time stands still

Are you interested in history and art? This tour is for you! You can discover the beauty of Borghetto through the ancient church and clock tower, majestic bridge, impressive castle, passing

by the centre of Valeggio with important neoclassical palaces and villas. A new and interesting tour to get in touch with a precious jewel of this territory.


I’m Serena an official guide and tour leader who promotes lots of tours in the area with enthusiasm. Where?

  • In the villages of Borghetto, Custoza and Castellaro Lagusello
  • In the beautiful 60 hectares garden Sigurtà (ticket included)
  • In the historical villa Sigurtà where stayed important characters (ticket included)
  • In the city of love: Verona

It’s important to combine history and culture with wine and food tradition…that’s why I organise tours in some wineries around lake Garda backcountry. Custoza doc, Bardolino doc, Cabernet, Chardonnay are just some of the Wines that you can taste in this area.

Are you curious to discover this territory with me?

Contact us to know prices and availability.

Serena +39 3403347105

Serena Cristofori

Serena Cristofori

Come to discover Borghetto and Verona with me


We had a great tour with Serena. Her enthusiasm was infectious and the tour informative and enjoyable. She really understood how to historical facts in an interesting and memorisable way. Clear recommendation.”


A great experience! Serena, thanks for all the details and the views of this wonderful city! It couldn’t be better”


Thank you to Serena for the tour. It was very worthwhile, and we enjoyed it very much.”


Excellent way to explore Verona and its hidden secrets. Serena did a great job and wonderful service. Recommend it to anyone. “


We did the tour with Serena. It was great! Very informative, interesting, fun and with lots of humor. Seeing the city and learning about the past from a knowledgeable local is awesome ! I highly recommend this tour with Serena.”


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