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We offer tours of the most important sightseeing of the area. Serena, the owner, is an official guide and she will lead you around Borghetto, Verona and its surroundings.

Borghetto sul Mincio

The village

Borghetto and Valeggio sul Mincio

Borghetto is a beautiful village on the river Mincio, close to Verona and lake Garda. The tour takes you through medieval paths dotted with ancient mills and cozy houses on the river, transporting you to a magical landscape where reality and imagination seem to co-exist. You can discover the beauty of Borghetto through the ancient Saint Mark’s church and its clock tower, the majestic Visconteo bridge, the impressive castle and the small wooden bridge that was the scene of important battles. 


Sigurtà Park

Sigurtà park, located in Valeggio sul Mincio, won important awards as one of the most beautiful parks in Europe. The 60 hectares garden is a jewel of local flora and fauna where we can admire flowers, stretches of water, centuries-old plants, a labyrinth, wide lawns and some animals too. The history of the park dates back to XV century and has survived on lots of different dominations, wars and owners until the current property: family Sigurtà. I will guide you through the history of this botanical garden and you will discover the beauty of nature.

Sigurtà Park

The city of Verona

Eat, Drink, Love Verona

Verona, known as the city of love, is also perfect for food lovers who can enjoy thousands of traditional dishes and local wines. I’ll show you the hidden parts of Verona giving you the opportunity to get in touch with the local flavours far from the crowded streets full of tourists. A relaxing walk around some local places where traditional food and wine are combined with local legends and stories. I give you the opportunity to discover the hidden bars and restaurants of the city which are known only by locals. It’s a chance to meet real people who offer you the real Veronese lifestyle through a slice of salame, a glass of local wine, a “risotto”, an espresso and a traditional dessert. A wine and food tour perfect for foodies! 

The city of Verona

Historical tour

Known as the city of Romeo and Juliet, Verona has much more to offer. I will show you all the different sides of the city starting from Roman time with Gavi arch, Borsari gate and Arena, then focusing on medieval time with Scaligeri family and its magnificent tombs: Arche scaligere. We’ll see the most important squares Signori and Erbe, location of the political power during Venetian time. We’ll recognize the last palaces of Austrian time in Bra square and of course we can’t miss the famous balcony. A nice walk of the city centre to enjoy history, culture and traditions of this magical city.

Arena di Verona
Cooking show


Lunch and cooking show

In addition to the tour you can stop at our restaurant to taste our "Love Knots"! For food lovers we offer our cooking shows thanks to Ivana, our chef, who will show you the tricks of the trade in order to prepare the best tortellini.

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