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Have fun while cooking

Have fun while cooking

Our delicious products, made by you!

Cook with your hands

The identity of a place is part of the wine&food tradition: the „love knot“ is an example and you can be part of it! Take part to our cooking class and create your Tortellini, traditional dish in Valeggio.

Learn with hands

Learn with hands

Kneat, streach and create your Tortellini as old-school Cuisine!!
Take a challenge

Take a challenge

Try the thrill to taste your creations

Taste the Love Knots

Come and discover our traditional Cuisine in a homely atmosphere! In our restaurant our cook Ivana, born in Valeggio, will teach you the tricks of the trade. You can make the perfect „Love Knots“ and obviously take your creations.

 A funny lesson!

A funny lesson!

For any age, young and old!

Cook the Love Knots

Are you curious to discover the ingredients that make our tortellini so delicious?

Only with our cooking class you can learn how to make the perfect Tortellini and propose them at home!

If you are not a good cook, don’t worry, it’s anyway a good option for foodies!

Kneat with us!


Cooking class is on request, you can contact us for a tailor-made lesson!

We will satisfy any need!


The lesson is made of a short explanation of the traditional dish: tortellini. Then you will learn all  the ingredients, how to stretch the pasta, how is the meat filling and how to create the perfect Love Knot.

After lesson, you can sit down in our restaurant and enjoy tortellini dish dressed with sage and butter+water+glas of wine+ home-made Sbrisolona tart as a dessert.

WHEN: Upon request

WHERE: Our restaurant. Please come 10 minutes before!

    DURATION  1,30 H.

    PRICE  40 € adult

32 € kids (6-12 years)

free 0-5 years

It’s necessary to book in advance:

By e-mail:

By phone : +39 340 3347105  /  +39 348 7826107

this cooking class has a minumum number of participants. In case you can’t reach the correct number,you will take part to the cooking class with other participants.


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